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Katharina Reinecke Dissertation Defense

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  • Erin SoloveyComputer Science Department, College of Computing and Informatics, Drexel UniversityVerified email at drexel.edu


I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington.

My research in human-computer interaction explores how humans' interaction with technology varies depending on their cultural, geographic, and demographic background. To find out about these differences, I conduct large-scale online studies with our virtual lab LabintheWild. LabintheWild is an experiment platform for conducting behavioral studies that lets participants compare themselves to others in exchange for study participation. Using the data from our LabintheWild experiments, my group and I build systems that are able to adapt to these differences and that are more aesthetically appealing, more intuitive, and more usable for specific user groups.

My interest in various cultures has had the side effect that I frequently have to get away from the computer and actually talk to people. In the real world. In different (sometimes scarily different) countries. I got my first cultural shock when working with farmers and people from the agricultural ministry in Rwanda, but very quickly fell in love with the country and its people. I went back in 2009 to teach a course at the National University of Rwanda, and to do some more research. In between, I got frequent cultural shocks when living in Switzerland (but quickly learned that they can be overcome with lots of chocolate). In Switzerland I also did user studies with many people from all over the world. You can find some of my observations in my publications. If you are interested in even more details, here's my CV.

Visit our LabintheWild!

What is your thinking style? Are you more Eastern or Western? And do you think we can guess your age based on your responses to a color vision test? Find out here! »

New and Newsworthy

  • » Our lab will present three papers at CHI 2018! You can find PDFs of them here.
  • » I received an NSF CAREER Award!
  • » I received an Adobe Data Science Research Award!
  • » We will present four papers (one of them a Best Paper) at CHI 2017!
  • » Our paper on Information Cascade Effects in Online Event Scheduling was accepted to WSDM 2017!
  • » We received a Best Paper award for our CHI paper (PDF) on situational lighting conditions and its impact on color differentiation.
  • » We have two new papers reporting on the data of more than 30,000 LabintheWild participants, which we will present at CHI 2016.
  • » Our CSCW paper describing our virtual online lab LabintheWild received an Honorable Mention award! Here's the PDF.
  • » I received a Google Research Award!

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