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Ms 8 Solved Assignment Of Allama


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“Figures Don’t Lie, but Liars Do Figure” this is the famous quote of statistics.We will prove it with the help of two real life example from history

1)I take First example from the reference of The National Library of New Zealand.“Figures cant Lie” ABOUT A DIVIDEND PLEASANT SURPRISE FOR INVESTORS;CHRISTCHURCH, Jan. 31 (with reference of newspaper correspondent)

A good deal of curiosity was expressed, when Mr.J.Mc Dougall, who has charge of the totalisator at the trottingmeetings in Canterbury, invited the investors on piecework, who won the sportsman’s handicap at the NewZealand Metropolitan. Trotting Club’s meeting on Saturday, paying a substantial dividend, to meet him at hisoffice. They were a mere handful, but they came in from the highways and hedges and at his request signedtheir names to a statement that they had backedthe horse & indicated the windows at which their tickets had been purchased. The mystery was not fathomed for them at the moment and the popular opinion was that thetotalisator had paid out too much money & was anxious to come into own again.The totalisator is of course, generally supposed to be the mechanical embodiment of that well-loved sup- position that “figures cannot lie’’; but it lied very badly on that Saturday says news, through an accident thatwas quite unforeseeable and that cannot in any wayreflect upon its integrity. The blocks of totalisator ticketsare numbered from the figure “0’’ in sequence, with the result that when the totalisator clerk has sold 0,1,2,3 &4, his block shows that 5, which is the next ticket, is the number of tickets that has been disposed of.Unfortunately, in the case of piecework, the block of tickets had come from the printer in a faulty condition.The numbers from 5 to 14 inclusive were missing and when the club officials came to check the figures the block showed15 as its top number, indicating that 15 tickets had been sold instead of 5. The dividend wasworked out on this basis, and it was only when the totalisator proprietors discovered that their cash was£237over that the mistake was discovered. Fortunately the investors were singularly few, and could be easilyidentified by the clerks who had paid out the abort dividend and Mr. Mc Dougall has now accounted for thewhole investors, who are to be paid the additional money tomorrow, after signing the necessary declarations.The mistake was first traced by the fact that the holder of the block of tickets short in his cash and in accordancewith rules of the totalisator had to pay in£5 from his own pocket to make his cash balance. It is intended infuture to have the blocks more systematically checked, in order that there may be no repetition of nay incidentthat was quite unforeseen and that was not blamable to the totalisator officials. The dividend, which was verysubstantial as it originally stood, has now beenincreased by over 50 per cent.

2)I took the 2


example from newspaper “The New York Times ’’ published on 9



A recent speaker says that theNegroesin this country have multiplied eight times in a century. As they have7,000,000 now, in 1980 they will amount to 192,000,000. if they maintain the same relative rate of increase theywill. The whites in 10years by birth and immigrationhave increased 30 percent. At this rate there will be800,000,000 whites and over 200,000,000negroes-in all 1,000,000,000-in the United States in 1988. Who believes either of these statements? By that method one can prove that the Methodist Episcopal Church willsoon have more communicants that the world will contain people. Last year it gained 5 percent net.This ratewillsdouble its membership every 14 years. Hence, in 1902 it will have 4,000,000; in 1916, 8,000,000;in 1930,16,000,000;in 1944, 32,000,000;in 1958, 64,000,000;in 1972, 128,000,000 and so doubling every 14 years, inthe year 2084, less than 200 years from the present date, there will be 32,768,000,000 of members of theMethodist Episcopal church in the United Sates alone. Toll on, thenbrethren, Do not let the fact that, accordingto the figures of the speaker quoted above, there will be only 6,400,000,000 negroes and 13,200,000,000whites-in all 19,600,000,000-of people in the united States at that time disturb you. Who cares for a littledeficit of 3,168,000,000? Great is Statistics! Of Course, other denominations are deluding themselves. Theythink they are increasing; but as we are going to include the whole population, and several thousand millionsmore, they must cease to exist! The only trouble is that if some of them continue to grow as at present, themultiplication table will wipe us out in the same way.From above example in favour of the initial statement we proved that ’’figures cannot lie’’.

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    aiou solved assignment code 386 spring 2017 assignment 1

           You have in Unit  1 ,how to make time schedules.Given below is the time schedule of Mrs. Farhan. Write a complete description of her daily activities using the information given in the table .Follow The Example

         Example    Mrs..Farhan sleeps from 11;00 p.m. to 5;00 a.m.
    Breakfast,Prays. Get ready
     Delivers lecture,Lunch
     Travel home,cooks Dinner
    Example: Mrs. Farhan sleep from 11;00 p.m to 5.00 a.m 
    1. she gets up 5.00 a.m and offer her fajar prayers.she prepares breakfast at 6;00 a.m. she takes break fast and gets ready to 7;00 a.m.
    2. she cleans her house up to 7;30 am and comes out from her house.she reaches at stop nearly 8;00 am She takes van and start travelling towards her college.
    3. She does her college work from 8.00 am  to 1100 a.m. She takes tea break 11;00 am .
    4. She delivers her lecturers 11;00 a.m to lunch break 2;00 p.m
    5. Then she goes to stop and takes van to go back home.she takes some rest and after that she starts cooking nearly about 5;00 pm.she prepares dinner for her family.
          In Unit 2, Section A you are taught how to introduce yourself. Now imagine you are in a party asks you to give an introduction of the friend you went with.How would you do that keeping in mind his relationship whit you and his qualities etc?

    Hello, meet my friend Ali .He is very brilliant and intelligent boy. He has brilliant academic record.He got scholarship and now he got admission in Punjab university BCS programme. He is well versed about computer.He is very creative.Now he is going to develop a new software programmer for handicapped peoples.He is found of books reading.He has very very knowledge about new technologies.He wants to introduce most of them to our country, so that Pakistan can make more and more progress in computer technology.

        In Unit 2,Section B we talked about different type of readings for different purposes.can you list five type (each) if reading material that you might have read for the following mentioned purposes?
    Follow the examples.

    The "whats's On section of the local paper

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