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How To Write A History Essay Thesis On Pearl

Pearl Harbor is one of the most painful and defining moments of American history – there is hardly any other episode that would be just as tragic, with the possible exception of 9/11. It is possibly the most crushing military defeat the United States has suffered in the entire history of the country – and that is why it is a fitting object of study, because one should always pay attention to learning from the mistakes of the past. When writing a Pearl Harbor essay you should keep that in mind, and not simply recount the facts, but in addition to that define what the ultimate results of the battle were, how it influenced the outcome of the war, what geopolitical consequences it bore, what the American military did to avoid similar tragedies in future and so on.


How to Write an Essay on Pearl Harbor Attack

First of all, decide what exactly you are going to write about. You have a variety of choices:

  • The attack itself.
  • Its strategic implementation.
  • Its importance as a part of the World War II.
  • The reasons that drove the Japanese High Command.
  • The reasons why it was such an overwhelming success for the Japanese.
  • The influence it had on the overall development of warfare in the United States and other countries of the world.


Or something completely unrelated. When writing an essay on Pearl Harbor attack you should understand that it is a complex topic which cannot be characterized in its entirety within the confines of one essay. After all, an essay is a rather small written form, and it won’t be physically possible to write simply “about Pearl Harbor”. Choose a narrower topic. Then stick to it.


How Can I Get Information on Pearl Harbor

As one of the most well-known episodes in the American history, Pearl Harbor attack has thousands of books, articles and research texts of all kinds dedicated to it, expressing every possible point of view on every possible aspect. You won’t have any problems finding information on Pearl Harbor. You are far more likely to encounter problems in sifting through all the information in search of something you haven’t already read, or something brand new, or something dependable. Try to stick to more well-known writers, to the ones that come highly recommended by other specialists, and you will succeed.


Tips on Writing an Essay on Pearl Harbor

As it has already been said, choose your topic wisely (preferably it should be something that you know at least a little bit about), and stick to it. Don’t wander about, don’t try to encompass the subjects that don’t belong to the topic you have chosen, even if you think that it will help you to draw a better overall picture. The secret of a good essay on Pearl Harbor and, in reality, of any good essay, is for it to be to a point, precise, without any ambiguities. The reader should know what he is reading about from the very first moment – don’t betray his expectations.

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Four Thesis Statement Ideas for Pearl Harbor Research Paper Writing

Pearl Harbor is the greatest cataclysm in the world’s history. Therefore, students who are studying history as their major subject are frequently assigned the

Pearl Harbor research paper writing

. To read the history in order to absorbthe heap of information is always a hard nut to crack.

Because the researchers have to come up with different and innovative facts and figures all the time to grab the attention of the reader and further to get good marks in research work. The greatest drawback of historical matters is that they bore the readers. This is why; you have to be very wary while writing the paper. You have to focus mainly on two things and they are:

  • The topic of the research paper: The topic should be designed as such which will force a reader to continue reading the rest of the paper; this is perhaps the biggest challenge for a writer.
  • The thesis statement of the paper: A thesis statement is a one-line statement that says it all in the first glimpse of the reader. Therefore, the theme and the words should be chosen carefully.

Here, we will be giving away some compelling ideas for thesis statement writing so that you can utilize them in your this research papers.
The topic on which we will work on is:

“The sheer contribution of United States of America in World War II”

First idea:

The following thesis statement idea presents a fact about U.S that its contribution was a reaction to its defeat in Pearl Harbor. You can present this idea in your research paper something like this:

“The astonishing Pearl Harbor defeat of America forced it to participate in World War II”

Second idea:

There are two sides of America unveiled in this thesis statement. First, why it always keep up to itself? Second, what were the circumstances that forced it to participate in World War II?

“Due to the supremacy of Munroe philosophy, United States of America preferred keeping up to them but the surprise defeat in Pearl Harbor incident convinced it to contribute in World War II”

Third idea:

This thesis statement shows that America had enough grounds and plausible reasons to show its agitation by participating in the World War II.

“The unheralded attacks on United State of American forced to throw away the doctrine of Munroe and contributed in the World War II to the world’s amazement”

Fourth idea:

The following thesis statement shows that anyone could predict that America would be contributing in the deadliest World War II.

“Pearl Harbor attacks clearly predicted the American’s upcoming contribution in World War II”.

Hence, altogether there are four different thesis statement ideas that will help you look on the same topic but from different perspective and approach. Therefore, you can select anyone of the above told ideas that you like the most and commence your Pearl Harbor research papertoday.

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