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Blue Peter Website 500 Words Essay

Sam has always wanted to be an astronaut. He says he even knew it when he was a baby and ironically, his first steps were actually more like ‘one giant leap’.

He’s 9 now. So that’s 9 years of longing. Nine years of dreaming and 8 years of eating packets of dehydrated space food (it wasn't available before he was 1).

Felix who lives next door, is the same age as Sam and just as mad about Space, but with a difference. Felix’s dad is an ACTUAL astronaut.

“So? Are you ready to see the spaceship today Felix?” asks his dad as they leave the house. “Dad, I was ready like weeks ago, when you first told me!! Hurry up, get in the car”. Felix’s dad laughed and waved over at Sam on his front step who had been listening to their chat. Sam nodded, waved at Felix, turned round and slowly climbed the stairs to his bedroom. He didn’t notice his dad by the window in the front room who had also heard the conversation.

His dad waits for Sam to disappear, then picks up his phone… “Hi Dad, it’s me……no he’s not ok...yeah Felix just left. Why couldn't I have been an astronaut Pop? All Sam gets is an unemployed joiner for a father! …… Bless him! He’s gutted …… what? …..answer the door? What do you mean?” There’s a knock at the door. It’s Granddad.

“My boy, it’s time to make Sam’s dream come true, would you give me a hand with something?”

Now Sam’s granddad is what you would call a quiet man, he’s never quite been the same since his grandma left for space a couple of years ago.

He used to work as an engineer designing fighter jets but now he just sits in his workshop and makes toy ones. “That’s it!” said Granddad, straining under the weight of this bulky object he was carrying under a dirty sheet. “Lovely! Just put that down there!”

“Now, you go get Sam, and meet me in the shed in 5 minutes” said Granddad as he dragged another dusty sheet over to join the pile”.

Sam’s dad knocked on his bedroom door…. “If you’re not Neil Armstrong, then I'm not coming out” said Sam in a quiet voice.

“How about if I said, you’re granddads here?” replied Dad. Sam ran to the door, opened it and shouted “Granddads heeeeerre? …Where?”

“He’s in the shed! ….. He’s got something for you!”

Sam’s legs couldn't carry him fast enough. He ran to the back garden towards the shed and bursts in through the doors! He stops dead in his tracks.

“So!” said Granddad, “Are you ready to see your spaceship?”

Granddad threw back the sheets ……..and even though he’s over done it with the smoke machine ….Sam could just make out the letters - ‘SATURN V MOON ROCKET’. Granddad’s hands were covered in plasters, and he had tears in his eyes. Sam knew why. He wanted to go to space too.

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