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Endnote Word 2007 Bibliography Template

Tufts University maintains a campus-wide annual subscription for EndNote. Please be aware that installation of EndNote software is available for computers that are:

  • Tufts University owned or leased 
  • Personally-owned by patrons with a primary affiliation of Faculty*, Student, or Staff in the Tufts White Pages

* Patrons with primary affiliation of Clinical may register for the online version of EndNote.

To have EndNote installed, call 617-636-3376, or send an email request to it@tufts.edu.


TUSM student in the Maine Track and faculty affiliated with Maine Medical Center (MMC), may download EndNote for free using their MMC username/password at: https://my.mainehealth.org/mmc/Departments/Library/Pages/CitationsandBibliographies.aspx 

Want to learn more about obtaining EndNote?

Please contact the Hirsh Health Sciences Library at hhsl@tufts.edu or 617-636-3988.

What is EndNote bibliographic management software and why use it?

  • Keeps a record of your citations
  • Provides a searchable catalog of reprint files
  • Makes citing and formatting references easier
  • Makes reformatting reference lists much easier

For requirements to run EN, visit http://endnote.com/en/requirements

Help with EndNote

This library guide has online help sheets and a list of online resources available for EndNote. Help is also available by phone, email, or instant message at http://libguides.utoledo.edu/askalibrarian.

The reference librarians will provide as much assistance as they can. Please be aware, however, that variations among home computers and laptops make it impossible to be able to address every issue that may arise.

EndNote training videos are available through http://youtube.com/endnotetraining and http://endnote.com/training/videos.

Available EndNote Training

For one-on-one, small group, or classroom instruction, please contact:

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