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The Rug Collection Homework Ruger

There’s just something special about a room that tells a good story. I think my favorite part about designing a space for a client, or redecorating a room in our farmhouse, is adding in the finishing touches; the things that really make the room come alive. For me, the ‘finishing touches’ are the textiles; the rugs, pillows and throw blankets. These are the elements that really add texture and warmth to the room.

Over the past few years, I’ve really started to realize that finding the right rug is a major challenge. After browsing countless stores and websites, and not always finding what I’m looking for, I started defaulting to using plain jute rugs in a lot of rooms. Not to say jute rugs are bad, because we all know I love a good neutral – but I started wanting something that would bring more character into the spaces I was designing. So I began dreaming up my own rug collection.

When that dream became a reality and I partnered with Loloi Rugs to put my rug line together, I wanted to curate pieces that would bring unique texture, dimension, pattern and color to my clients homes. To get that extra character, I added features like tassels, fringe and stitched-in details to the rugs, pillows, and throws. These unexpected elements bring in the aspect of dimension that you just don’t typically get from textiles.

The design process was so fun! I loved sitting around a table just sifting through hundreds of patterns and textures. I was able to get creative with new color combinations and dream up names for each collection. Since my kids are my inspiration for just about everything, and just looking at certain patterns and colors reminded me of each of their personalities in different ways, I named a collection after each of them. This was a sweet way to really bring this line home and make it personal.

Something I love about these textiles is that they are made in different places using a variety of old and new world techniques. Some are hand knotted or hooked in India from 100% wool or jute, others are power-loomed in Egypt from polyester, and that’s not even the half of it. The whole process intrigues me. I love knowing that each one of these rugs was made with love and care, no matter what country the artisan who made it is from.

After the first round was designed and I finally got to see them all in person, I was immediately in love with this line. I loved the way Loloi took the design dreams I had and brought them to life! They look so effortlessly beautiful in my kitchen, entryway and living room. The different textures, color combinations and patterns brought new perspective to the spaces I live in every single day. There really isn’t a rug in this line I wouldn’t be excited about putting in my own home.

Designing and curating this line was so important to me beginning to end, because the right rug can become the centerpiece of a room when it’s paired with the right space. The perfect one should be a continuation of the story your home tells, so whether you love bold, bright and patterned, or soft, neutral and subtle, there’s something in this rug collection that will speak to you— no matter your style.

I’ve been so excited to officially share this rug line with you, and it’s FINALLY in my online store as well as at retailers nationwide. Take a few minutes to view the whole line and the sizes and shapes they’re offered in here. 

I hope you love this line as much as I do. Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite collection or rug, or if you’d like to see any specific colors or patterns in our next release. We already have a NEW collection in the works! Stay tuned.

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