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Cieh Level 4 Controlled Assignment Notebook

CIEH Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering
CIEH Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Manufacturing
CIEH Level 3 Award in Food Safety Supervision for Retail

Duration: 3 days
Ofqual regulated: Yes
Suggested progression: Requalification mandatory every 3 years

These courses are ideal for managers and supervisors in small, medium or large catering, manufacturing or retail businesses. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor HACCP based food safety management procedures and systems.

These courses cover the following:

  • Ability to implement and supervise a food safety management system
  • Understand food safety procedures
  • Understand the concept of food hazards and the risks associated with them
  • Understand the terminology with respect to supervising food safety
  • Understand the techniques involved in controlling and monitoring food safety
  • Appreciate the risks linked to cross contamination
  • Understand the role temperature has to play in the control of food safety
  • Appreciate the importance of supervising high standards of cleanliness in food premises


We recommended and understanding and knowledge of basic food hygiene – ideally the CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety that has been undertaken within the last three years.

The courses will conclude with candidates undertaking a multi-choice examination the successful completion of which will result in the awarding of a Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 3 Certificate in Food Safety.

Group prices are available on request.

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Course Fee £715 Exam Fee £95 Total (Ex VAT): £810

Level 4 Certificate issued by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Course fees include materials, exam fee and assignment, moderations. A buffet lunch and refreshments are provided on all 5 days of the training.


Managers and supervisors, responsible for Health and Safety within their organisations and those seeking approval to run the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health’s Certificate in Health and Safety (1 day course).


The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s Level 4 Award in Health and Safety, provides managers with sufficient knowledge that enables them to both design and implement a Health and Safety management programme within their organisation. Managers should feel competent, on completion of the course, to fulfil the requirements laid down by the various pieces of legislation.


A minimum of 40 hours instruction over 5 days.

The course includes lectures enhanced by audio/visual material and practical teaching aids. Delegates are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and group activities.

Some activities will require independent or group research and the presentation of material. Delegates will also be expected to participate in practical activities.




    • Working Environment
    • Accidents and First Aid
    • Fire Safety
    • Work Equipment
    • Statutory Inspections
    • Noise
    • Stress
    • Risk Assessment
    • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
    • Safety Committees/Safety Policies
    • Health and Safety Management
    • Legislation
    • Electrical Safety
    • Display Screen Equipment
    • Safe Systems of Work
    • Ventilation
    • Health and Safety Training
    • Ergonomics and Manual Handling


The assessment comprises of 1 written assignment that is based on undertaking research and developing Health and Safety controls in the workplace.

This must be successfully completed within 3 weeks of sitting the 2 hour written examination.

Successful candidates receive the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s  (CIEH) Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace.

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